The Gelderland court on Tuesday convicted a 26-year-old man from Rheden for fourteen months in prison, six months of which were conditional, for computer crime, fraud and money laundering. The man has ordered luxury goods for 164,000 euros via hacked Wehkamp accounts.

The man was involved in an organization that had been extensively involved in phishing for several months. This is a method whereby malicious parties with predominantly fake e-mails are angling for personal data, such as login and bank details.

The man sent fake emails that seemed to come from Marktplaats. It said that the customer's email address had been changed. The victims were able to undo this by clicking on the link in the email and re-entering their details.

The link in the email forwarded the victims to a fake website. The data that they left there fell into the hands of the criminals. With the login details obtained, the man - together with others - managed to gain access to accounts of Wehkamp customers between 2015 and 2017. Via those accounts they ordered more than 164,000 euros in luxury goods, including iPhones.

In total, the organization could have captured more than 270,000 euros, but a large part of the orders were signaled in time by employees of the fraud department of Wehkamp. For example, a large part of the orders could still be canceled on time.

Invoice fraud and money laundering

The man was also involved in defrauding a construction company in 2017. The company fell victim to invoice fraud and transferred a total of 108,900 euros to the man's bank account. The man spent that money together with others over a period of two weeks on cars, jewelry and in the casino.

In addition to the prison sentence, the man has to repay more than 54,000 euros. This is half of the money he has laundered along with others.