Tomorrow (16th) is the 1st anniversary of the Enforcement of the Harassment Prohibition Act. In the existing Labor Standards Act, Article 762'Prohibition of bullying in the workplace' and Article 763'Measures in the event of bullying in the workplace' were newly added and entered into force on July 16, last year.

However, a survey found that nearly 45% of workers are still suffering.

Stop bullying in the workplace, where you still have a long way to go.

In [Pick Q&A], let's find out what the reality of our workers is, what is needed, and what we need to know when there is a sudden situation.

Q. What is'bullying at work'?

A. The law stipulates that “an employer or worker who uses his or her position or advantage in relation to a job that causes physical or mental distress to other workers or worsens the working environment” is a harassment in the workplace. .

The key criteria for judging are'▶ status or relationship advantage ▶ whether it has exceeded the appropriate range in work ▶ whether it has caused physical or mental distress ▶ whether it has deteriorated the working environment', and can be recognized if all the requirements are met.

Q. 45% of office workers, "I'm still in a hurry."

A. The civil organization'Work Glove 119' conducted an investigation ahead of the first anniversary of the anti-bullying law in the workplace. From the 19th to the 25th of last month, 1,000 employees aged 19 to 55 across the country answered the survey.

As a result of the survey, 45.4% of respondents said they had suffered a job loss from seniors and others over the past year.

By type is as follows.
Q. Is there a law to report?

A. In reality, it was found that there were still difficulties.

Only 3% of respondents reported or actively responded to the Labor Administration, and most responded with'bearing.'
Somehow, it's interpreted because of the practical limitations of "you shouldn't report". Even if I reported it, it was difficult to be recognized, or I was worried that I would be disadvantaged after reporting.

Q. Why is it so ineffective when there is a law?

A. The point that the law stipulates that "you can report this to a'user'" is indicated as a limit. It is said that many users complain of'secondary abuse' in the reporting process because they are required to report to the user, that is, first.

Workplace 119 points out, "First of all, we need to change the provisions that have been reported to employers so that we can report them directly to the labor agency."

In addition, if the company is fired or faced with adverse treatment for reporting the damages under the current law, users who are not harassers are subject to punishment. It is also pointed out that there is virtually no perpetrator punishment.

Q. If the company does not handle it, can I not notify the Labor Office?

A. If you first filed the company's report and it is not resolved, you can file a complaint with the competent labor office.

But if you look at the statistics of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. All 4,066 cases of complaints of harassment in the workplace were filed until May 31st. Of the 3,682 cases that were closed, more than 80% of cases were filed by the petitioner or the simple administrative action. From the point of view of the afflicted party, the number is bound to be felt.

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