was sentenced to probation for a driver to employees in the rant, he passed on suspicion of assault at trial, Mr. Lee Myung - Hee Cho Yang-ho wife of First Instance, including Hanjin Group Chairman. Criticism has been raised against the ruling after being sentenced to probation this time following trials of illegal employment and smuggling of domestic helpers.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan.


Speaking abusive words to the driver,

[Myung-hee Lee's recording: Uh, XX's dog XX like XX. die! Dogs like this XX.]

Mr. Lee Myung-hee, wife of Chairman Cho Yang-ho, threw a driver into the car saying he didn't load the car to the security guards.

The court of the first instance sentenced Lee to three years of imprisonment, three years of probation, and eighty hours of community service.

He said the reason for the probation was given, saying that the possibility of social accusation is high and that the crime is not good, most of the charges are guilty, and that he considered the age of 70 and agreed to all the victims.

The court said Mr. Lee said, "We need to have the opportunity to reflect and reflect on how society members live."

Earlier, Lee was tried for smuggling, such as'Illegal Employment of Kawasaki Helpers' and'Luxury Bags', and both were sentenced to probation in the second trial.

[Lee Myung-hee: (Although it's the third probation already, I'd like to ask you how you would like it. Please tell the victim.)… … .] Although the

court said there were no legal errors in the process of prosecuting Lee three times, it seems difficult to avoid criticisms of overly generous judgments, given the lighting that is a serious social wave and a bad crime.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Yumira)