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Electric vehicles are in fashion. It is not surprising that in large cities such as Madrid, traffic is punctuated by more and more bikes, scooters, scooters and other means of electric transport.

Faced with the infinity of brands that sell or rent these means of transport (sometimes with bulky prices), there is a large maker community -of handymen- who are dedicated to building their own inventions and sharing them on the Internet .

Diving among the inventions these little hands show can be found true McGyver-worthy jewels.

One of the most striking cases in this regard (and that has reached a great virality within the English-speaking world) is that of a Reddit user who has taken a bicycle that he had at home and has put a washing machine motor in the box .

The result of Jimminecraftguy's invention - which is the alias used by this Reddit user - is an "electric bike on steroids", as he jokes in the community himself.

Inside the box there is a 1100w and 48V washing machine motor , which, according to this amateur engineer, allows him to reach a speed of 110 kilometers per hour on his invention.

The bicycle on which the singular is mounted is made of aluminum, is over 20 years old and is not specially equipped to carry an engine.

Both the brackets and the electronics have been custom made from scrap metal to fit this bike. Some peculiarities that give it a strange aspect that is reminiscent of the Mad Max movies .

Unlike most electric bikes (which have a pedaling assistance system), this bicycle works more similar to the old motorcycles in which the pedals work as a complement or alternative to the motor .

In this attached video you can see the invention in operation . After starting the bike with a couple of pedals, the inventor is able to travel the entire street without having to use his feet again.

Difficulties in braking and with batteries

In addition to the strange design (with the motor and cables in sight) one of the main problems that this electric bike faces is the battery system. The author claims to have "burned" several sets of homemade batteries and seeks to find a more long-term solution.

Also, as can be seen in the sample video and the author himself confesses, another problem is in the braking system. The bike has not undergone any modification and retains its original system by clamping the front and rear wheels. A design thought to stop the momentum of pedaling but not that of a motor vehicle.

Finally, he also claims to be working on finding a solution to disguise the motor and the amalgam of cables found inside the frame of this particular electric bicycle.

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