Lee Myung-hee, wife of the late Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Yang-ho, who was handed over to the court for allegedly assaulting and abusing employees of <Anchor> , was convicted at the first trial. Following the alleged illegal employment and smuggling charges of the domestic helper, he was guilty again, and was sentenced to three consecutive executions.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo.

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Seoul Central District Court sentenced Lee Myung-hee, chairman of the Ilwoo Foundation, charged with suspicion of injuries and special injuries, and sentenced him to three years of probation in three years and 80 hours of social service.

The judge convicted most of Lee's charges.

It is that they are not guilty of committing assault and violence against victims under their own influence.

The court also pointed out that the victims were likely to be accused of having to endure the unfair behavior of Mr. Lee, the spouse of the president of a large corporation, as a driver or home manager.

The court just explained why Mr. Lee was sentenced to probation because he considered that he was 70 years of age and recognized the responsibility and agreed with all the victims.

From November 2011 to April 2018, Lee was brought to court on charges of injuring or hand-stripping, inflicting 22 shouts on all nine employees working at home, including drivers.

Last year, Lee was sentenced to three years in probation for one year and six months in jail for the illegal employment of Filipino domestic helpers, and one year for probation in June for alleged smuggling of luxury bags and so on.

It is the third time a probation has been imposed for different charges within a year.