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police who arrested Ahn Mo, the key figure in the case of the late Choi Sook-hyun, is speeding up the investigation. Seized and searched the homes of Gyeongju City Hall's manager and captain, who were named as other perpetrators.

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Gyeongbuk Police Agency's dedicated investigative team seized and searched Gyeongsan's residential area and cell phone for Gyeongju City Hall coach Kim Mo and Jang Mo.

We are analyzing seizures to prove the allegations of those who have ever denied violence and harassment.

Police are tracking accounts to find out if there is a preliminary circumstance to hide the offense on the cell phone of the director and Mr. Jang, and whether the money the players gave the athletes was given to them.

A key investigator in the police said he had secured enough eyewitness statements that both the director and Mr. Chang continued to assault and abuse.

It is the police's judgment that many of the former and current athletes in Gyeongju City Hall have witnessed the assault scene and that there is no problem in proving the allegations, as consistent statements have been secured.

[Chun Joo-Hyun/Criminal Attorney: In cases where the victim was deceased, the charges can be proved by eyewitness accounts. If you haven't experienced it yourself, or if you haven't seen it yourself, it's very credible to state a specific situation that is unknown.] The

police will call the bishop and Zhang as soon as they complete the analysis of the seizure, along with additional victims and witnesses. .

As the police investigation speeds up, the National Assembly for Culture, Sports and Tourism will hold a hearing on the 22nd and follow the poor initial response of the Korea Sports Association.

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