Myung-hee Lee, who was handed over to the court for charges of reciprocal abusive and assaulting employees, was sentenced to probation in the first instance.

Today (14) of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Mr. section 25-3 criminal agreement the accused, such as binge special injury to three years probation and two years in prison and ordered community service 80 hours.

The late Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Yang-ho ago Mrs. Lee, the wife of, is accused of engaging in bizarre acts such as yelling or spitting on faces, such as guards and drivers, in 2011-2018, and throwing dangerous objects to interfere with work.

The court acknowledged some of Lee's allegations, but said, "Lee acknowledges his responsibilities and considers that all the victims agree and do not want punishment, and the crime was not planned and the severity of the injury was not serious." The reason was revealed.

Earlier, Mr. Lee was sentenced to probation in jail for trials of illegally hiring foreign domestic helpers and smuggling luxury goods purchased overseas using Korean Air passenger planes.

(Composition: Kim Hui-ran, Photograph: Doowon Yang, Seol Min-hwan, Editor: Seungyeon Park)