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A driver who had an accident with an unlicensed drunk driver attempted to escape and was managed to rescue the police.

According to the Busan Western Police, yesterday (13th), a man in his 50s, who drove drunk on a road near Nammin-dong, Seo-gu around 10 o'clock at night, fled after hitting a waiting vehicle.

Mr. A drove around 100m and ran away, but another signal waiting vehicle came in. It was then damaged by a car hitting a parking breaker at the nearby Cheonmasan Management Office and then ran off the car.

When parking lot manager B followed, Mr. A ran 300m to the roof of a nearby four-story building. Sugiya tried to escape, but she saved her life by saving her life by hanging pants on the roof railing nail.

While Mr. B was holding onto Mr. A, who had been suspended, the police who came to the scene persuaded Mr. A for 10 minutes, saying, "Why do you want to jump dangerously when you just drunk?" The police eventually rescued and arrested Mr. A, who turned his heart.

Mr. A's blood alcohol level was investigated at the level of license cancellation. Fortunately, it was reported that the drivers in the two cars that were hit by the hit-and-run accident were not seriously injured.

The police have been accusing Mr. A of alleged violations of the Road Traffic Act, such as drunk driving, to understand the exact nature of the accident.

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