Former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon's funeral process was finished today (13th). The ceremony was held at the Seoul City Hall with about 100 attendees, including survivors, and was broadcast live online. Supporters gathered at the Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall from the early morning to commemorate the deceased.

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Ungu tea escapes between people wearing umbrellas in the rain.

After finishing the ceremony at the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital where Vinso was set up, Ungucha headed to the Seoul City Hall where the deceased had worked for almost 9 years.

The ceremony was held in the multi-purpose hall of City Hall, taking into account the corona situation, attended by only 100 people, including survivors and related persons, and was broadcast live online.

In addition, the ceremony was held for more than an hour in the society of Democratic Party Democratic Party Ahn Jung-jung, and a memorial video was introduced showing the life of the deceased.

[Lee Hae-chan/In addition, the Democratic Party's representative and co-funeral chairman: Since the democratization in 1987, human rights lawyer Park Won-soon has paved the way for a barren civil movement. In broad terms, it was also a symbol of the Korean civil society movement.]

Daughter Dine, who became a representative of the bereaved family, shared her last greetings with her father, expressing gratitude and appreciation.

[Park Da-in/Go Park Won-soon, daughter of Seoul Mayor: My father has gone a long way. Happy Seoul, a safe Seoul that Seoul citizens dreamed of, I hope you will keep it as the mayor.]

After the ceremony, Mayor Park's body went through the cremation procedure at the Memorial Park in Seoul, and the remains were transferred to their hometown, Changnyeong, Gyeongnam, and saddled.

Over 20,000 visitors went to the incense burner in Seoul City Hall, which was operated during the weekend, and 108,000 people went to the incense burner to participate in the memorial service.

On the other hand, controversy continued during the funeral period, with about 570,000 people agreeing to the Blue House National Petition against the five-day led by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok, Oh Young-chun, Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: So Ji-hye)