Nintendo and LEGO may plan to release a replica of the NES console. This is evident from images leaked to VJgamer .

The NES is a Nintendo game console from the 1980s. The leaked images show a combination of a TV, a game console with an NES controller and a Super Mario cartridge. These can be reconstructed with a total of 2,646 LEGO blocks.

A level of Super Mario is shown on the TV screen. Players can move Mario around the course by turning the handle on the side of the television. According to VJgamer , the LEGO-NES will be released on August 1 for $ 229.99, about 264 euros.

The NES kit also needs to work with the Super Mario building sets that LEGO and Nintendo are working on together. This allows players with LEGO blocks to build levels in Super Mario.

Lego posted a teaser of the new construction set on Twitter later on Monday.


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