An arrest warrant was filed against Ahn Mo, who was called as the team doctor for the triathlon team of Gyeongju City Hall, who was named as the perpetrator of the assault of Choi Choi Sook-hyun. In addition to allegations of assault, not only allegations of illegal medical practice and sexual assault were applied.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan.


An arrest warrant was filed for Mr. Ahn, 45, a sports prescription for the'Three-man Triathlon' team in Gyeongju City Hall, named'Team Doctor' and who assaulted Choi Choi Sook-hyun.

There are three charges applied to Mr. Ahn.

First, Mr. Ahn is accused of not only assaulting Choi, who was killed, but also other players on the team.

They are also charged with conducting medical treatments to athletes without receiving a doctor's license or physical therapist's license and receiving money for treatment.

Mr. An introduced himself as a doctor by introducing himself to the players that he had obtained a doctor's license in the United States.

Police reportedly seized Ahn's residence and obtained some evidence to prove illegal medical activity.

The victims also publicly disclosed Ahn's allegations of sexual harassment, but the police also secured damage statements from former and current players.

Ahn, who has been hiding since the cruelty was known, was arrested by police in a studio in Daegu on the 10th.

After two days of high-intensity investigations, Mr. Ahn is said to have generally admitted the allegations.

Ahn's arrest will be decided tonight (13th).