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complainant says Mayor Park passed away, but he still needs to reveal the truth and truth of the case. This will prevent further secondary damage and restore the human rights of victims.

Then, reporter Jang Hoon-kyung pointed out whether the truth could be achieved.

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day after Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was sued by a former secretary and died on his own, the case of sexual harassment accusation due to power will be ended without the right to prosecute.

However, the complainant insisted that even if Mayor Park died, the reality of the case was not lost, and that it was the first step in recovering the human rights of victims.

First of all, what the complainant can review is to investigate the suspicion of Seoul's acquiescence and aiding.

Even if the complainant informed Seoul city of the damage, he could urge the investigation on suspicion that he did not act properly and actually condoned it.

[Kwon Kyung-ae/Attorney: 2nd attack or conspiracy only through investigation, false facts. I think it's a way out of this.]

You may be able to file a lawsuit against Seoul for damages.

At the press conference today (13th), the complainant requested that the city of Seoul set up its own investigation team to reveal the truth.

[Attorney Seok-hee Yoon/Chairman of the Korean Women's Lawyers Association: Is it appropriate to protect the victims of sexual assault, sexual assault, or victims of sexual violence in the future? .]

However, even in this case, it is still impossible to hear the statement of Mayor Park, so the subject to prove whether the accused or acknowledgment of the Seoul city officials tolerated the evidence of sexual harassment.

(Video coverage: Sang-Bo Jung, Video editing: Won-Hee Won)

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