Ahn Mo, the sports prescription of the Triathlon Team of Gyeongju City Hall, who was accused of assaulting Choi Choi Sook-hyun, was arrested today (13th). Ahn admits all the charges and said he is sorry for the victims.

Reporter Jongwoong Lee from TBC.


Deputy Judge Kang Kyung-ho of Daegu District Court issued a warrant for the arrest of 45-year-old Ahn Mo, who is an exercise prescription for the Triathlon Team in Gyeongju City Hall.

Judge Kang said he had a fear of running away and that the seriousness of the alleged crime was acknowledged.

Ahn is known to have been charged with violating special measures against violence, coercion, assault, sexual assault, and crackdown on health crimes.

First, in 2016, during overseas training, he was accused of complaining to Choi and forcing him to eat bread with other female athletes.

The charges of assaulting one female athlete and two male athletes, including Choi, were added during last year's training.

It also included the charges of forcing a female athlete to massage, including the act of being a doctor and receiving tens of millions of won for psychological treatment.

When attending warrant warrants, Mr. Ahn admitted to the charges and said he was sorry for the victims, including Choi.

[An Mo/Gyeongju City Hall Cheol-in Triathlon Team Sports Prescription: (Please say to the victims.) Sorry. (Do you admit allegations of sexual harassment?) All charges are admitted.]

Choi Sook-hyun's father was reportedly in court and watched the warrant screening process.

As Ahn is arrested, the police plan to summon two coaches and two senior players who have been designated as perpetrators this week.

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