Due to the influence of the rainy season front, various accidents have been followed by strong rain pouring across the country.

During the night, over 200 mm of rain fell in the southern part of the road, flooding all over the road and flooding the river.

In Gwangju, 7 cases of flood damage were reported, including 5 cases of flooding in the house, and 13 cases of rain damage were reported in Daejeon.

In Busan, there was an accident where a ruined house near Eunseong Church in Seo-gu collapsed, but fortunately, there was no casualties.

However, in the vicinity of Mandeok-dong, Buk-gu, there are inconveniences such as roadside trees falling down or rivers blowing and some roads being controlled.

Also, in Hamyang, South Gyeongsang Province, a sad accident occurred when two men working on a waterway were killed by being swept away by water.

The Korea Meteorological Administration estimates that up to 80 mm of rain will continue throughout the country by tomorrow.

(Composition: Kim Hui-ran, Report: Dong-gyun Seo, Yong-sik Lee, Jun-ho Jung, Photograph: Min-cheol Kim, Editing: Hee-sun Kim)