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is the perfect time for Hyun-Joon Goh's news to pick out the news of the topic. What is your first news today (13th)?

<Hyunjun Jun/Critic of Criticism>

A scene full of jokbal covered on a coast in Guangdong, China.

According to local media in China, a large number of pigs' feet were piled up on the coast of Humenjin, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, between the 10th and 11th.

If you look at the video taken by a villager, it looks like there are so many pig feet on the beach.

It is said that tens of thousands and tens of thousands of tons are added together if all the feet and feet scattered within a radius of 1 km.

It is said that it is not yet clear whether the public was dispatched by the residents' report to collect all of the jokbals and investigate the circumstances of the incident, but the location of the jokbals is where the rivers and the sea meet, so it has drifted upstream or from the sea.

According to local media, not only pigs' pig feet, but also the intestines of unknown animals have been pushed along with them. Since the pig feet and other guts are piled up on the shore opposite to where the pig feet were found, residents are suffering from infectious diseases such as corona. I am concerned about exposure.


Even though I've seen all sorts of things float on the shore, I think it's the first time I've seen Jokbal drift like that. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go/Critic critic> It

is said that wearing a mask with Corona 19 has changed the way women wear makeup.

Recently, videos with titles such as'no padde and padde free' have been uploaded to YouTube, recording hundreds of thousands of views each.

These are videos that show how to use makeup that does not use foundation, which is one of the skin cosmetics. As the mask became a necessity with Corona 19, interest in the makeup that does not stick to the mask has increased.

It is said that the overall makeup method has been changed, such as not applying dark-tone makeup such as an eye line, because the skin makeup is lightened with sunscreen, etc., but the netizens say that the changed makeup method has less skin trouble and shorter makeup time.

As non-contact and non-face-to-face culture spreads, more and more people choose no makeup that does not wear makeup at all.

In fact, the performance of the cosmetics industry has shrunk significantly due to Corona 19. In the first quarter, AMOREPACIFIC sales decreased 22% and operating profit fell 67%.

It is said that LG H&H's cosmetics business sales were down 6.5% and operating profits were down 10%.

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were many stories like that, and it was confirmed by the actual decrease in sales.

<Go Hyun Joon / Current Criticism> A

letter recently arrived in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, and it is attracting attention.

On the 11th, a letter with an international mail stamp arrived in front of the Hwacheon County Office.

The letter contained two elaborately written letters and a $1,000 check. The person who sent the letter was a grandmother who was a citizen of New Jersey, USA.

Sometime ago, I came across an Ethiopian veteran descendant scholarship project conducted by Hwacheon-gun, and afterwards I heard that veterans and their families suffered from their lives in the field. Revealed.

Ethiopia dispatched 6,037 Kangnew troops from the Royal Guard, the highest elite during the Korean War.

Hwacheon was the first place they fought, and 122 Ethiopian soldiers were killed in Hwacheon, Yanggu, and Cheorwon.

Returning veterans are said to have been neglected when the communist regime entered the coup in the 1970s. Hwacheon-gun plans to use $1,000 as a fund for local scholarships in Ethiopia at the will of the people.