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Large heads are starting to fall at Ubisoft. The French video game publisher, whose executives are accused of assault and sexual harassment, announced this Sunday the departure of several senior officials, including his number two and its director of human resources.

Departure of the head of the Canadian studios

By cleaning up this high, the publisher wanted to show that it was determined to "implement major changes in its corporate culture" and that it was tackling the problem. These departures, which also concern the head of Canadian studios at Ubisoft Yannis Mallat, are in effect "following a rigorous examination that the company has conducted in response to recent allegations and accusations of misconduct and inappropriate behavior".

In fact therefore, the number two of the company “Serge Hascoët has chosen to resign from his post as Chief creative officer, with immediate effect. This role will be assumed in the interim by Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, "said the company, which announced on June 26 that it would investigate allegations of violence and harassment targeting executives in several countries. "Ubisoft has not been able to guarantee its employees a safe and inclusive working environment", also regretted Yves Guillemot.

Some 18,000 employees worldwide

The CEO "will personally oversee a complete overhaul of the collaboration mode of creative teams," promised Ubisoft, which among its successful franchises, includes the Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Rayman and The Crew series. The company, which has 18,000 employees worldwide, "has also decided to restructure and strengthen the" human resources function and will "have its procedures and policies audited and improved".


Resignation, layoff and dismissal at Ubisoft following accusations of sexual harassment in the company


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