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  • Analysis: perfect headphones to isolate yourself (and feel like a DJ)

In the market for high-end headband headphones, great sound quality usually comes from large devices that are not always as comfortable as a terminal of that price should be. JBL Club One , with its official 349 euros, makes long sessions much more enjoyable than with rivals from more established brands; a good starting point and a great argument for a rather interesting product.

The main problem that JBL has in this sector is precisely that it is JBL, a company perhaps better known for its speakers and, of course, less established than others like Sony. Despite this, little by little a gap is made thanks to headphones like these.

At first glance - and touch - the JBL Club One looks like a bulky and heavy headphones, but the reality is that its 378 grams are distributed perfectly . The pads look more like pillows than they are comfortable and when you wear them you could forget they are there, even after long sessions.

Her body combines plastic, metal and leather quite elegantly and perhaps too much sobriety. The only distinctive touch, beyond the logo, are the same black cord cables that cover the entire product and that stand out more as a small wake-up call than as a declaration of intent.

The interior of the headset is curiously the most striking part and gives an idea of ​​what the JBL Club One could have been if the company had opted for a more risky design. In any case, in this section it is much better to fall short than to overdo it: nobody dislikes headband headphones because they are boring; few people go to buy some that are a fright.

There are a total of seven buttons and three ports that don't break the aesthetic too much. The first ones are distributed among the headphones: three for music control (pause and volume up and down) on the right, four for control of the device itself (Bluetooth, modes, power on and activation of the voice assistant) on the left . The latter, by the way, is compatible with Alexa and Google. You are welcome, for example, to read the messages. But thank you very much to tell me, another thing is that it is used.

Of the ports, not surprisingly, there is one that should be used to load it . And it should be remembered, because it is used very little. JBL promises a couple of days of continuous use (that is, without stopping; nobody thinks that we are talking about two days of having them on top of them without hardly using them, like mobile phones) and about 25 hours if noise cancellation is activated and if it does not arrive they will stay very close to them.

The set comes rounded with several cables with a very attractive retro touch and a silicone bag to carry everything that is halfway between the fanny pack and the bath bag . It is not particularly practical (it is a container that needs another container to transport its contents) nor pretty, but it protects a lot.

Club One, by the way, can be folded to enter it (or any other). Despite having this flexibility, at no time do they give a feeling of instability when they are on. As we repeat so many times at the beginning of the confinement, they are like the reed that bends but always stands.

And the sound, what?

OK yes; nougat: they sound like scandal . They are powerful and have even allowed me to discover unknown nuances and details in songs that I had only heard in canned headphones for several hundred euros less.

Bass and treble sound perfectly, and as more and more marks are made, the JBL app lets you equalize to taste, as well as listen with the presets of various DJs. It is more a curiosity than a function that will change the way you listen to music, but it is worth doing the test and passing a disc or two through this musical Thermomix to see what comes out.

The volume is also considerable. So much so, that the situation in which they must take more than half will be rare, especially when we consider that the noise cancellation system and the insulation are spectacular. Here JBL has nothing to envy to the heavyweights of the sector.

Perhaps for knowing this, perhaps for adding more functions than to brag about, the application includes a listening mode with which you can have a conversation (live, from the real world) without having to remove them. Although the change is noticeable, it is not very comfortable: you do not stop having two huge plugs over the ears. In any case, no matter how much you explain to the interlocutor the benefits of the system, he will think that not taking them off to speak is of a rude person, whopping to the pathological or both.

In short, it is a set that looks good, sounds better and is scandalous. The counterpoint of flavor is put by spices that, like coriander , may not be for everyone: the equalization, the assistant and the conversation mode. They are good, no doubt, but also expensive (somewhat more affordable outside the official store, yes). There will be those who have doubts as it is a brand with less prestige than other more established ones, but the JBL Club One could help this idea change.

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