It is the third day since the official visit of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon began. Even today (12th), there is a condolence procession at every level in Vinso.

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People from all walks of life come here to commemorate the deceased.

This morning, Jong-Seok Lim, Special Advisor for Foreign Affairs and Security, Chairman of the National Human Rights Commissioner Young-Ae Choi, and Chairman Park Yong-Man of the Korea Chamber of Commerce visited this place.

Mayor Park's induction ceremony takes place around 12:30 in the afternoon.

The initiation ceremony was planned to take place yesterday, but it took a day for the resident's son, Park Joo-shin, to return home from England.

Because of this, the funeral service was held on the 5th instead of the 3rd, the funeral committee explained.

Park arrives at the funeral home around 8:40 last night and is greeted by a visitor.

More than 8,000 citizens visited the incense burner in front of the Seoul City Hall yesterday.

The civil condolence procession continues today.

The funeral committee announced that it would head to Changnyeong, Gyeongnam, Jangji, after having a wedding ceremony at the Seoul City Hall tomorrow and finishing makeup at the Seoul Memorial Park.

Controversy continues over whether the funeral form of the mayor of Seoul is appropriate, as Mayor Park was found dead immediately after being accused of sexual assault.

More than half a million people have agreed to the Blue House National Petition against the Mayor of Seoul.