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Since playing on mobile is something already widely accepted, both among the workers who go to work in the Metro and among the kids who meet in the park to be together, it is normal for accessories such as the Razer Kishi to emerge that try to make the experience the best possible.

The Razer Kishi comes to be a console controller that sticks to the edges of the mobile, which is connected by the charging port and which adds all the buttons, sticks and triggers that you may need for games like Fortnite, but also to use services video game streaming like Google Stadia, PlayStation Now or Nvidia GeForce Now.

Razer has given a good thought to how Kishi works. When not in use, it closes on itself to become almost a square that, although it could fit into a pocket, its thing would be that you carry it in your backpack or bag because it is quite thick.

When you extend it by unhooking two tabs on the outside, it leaves space in the center for any type of mobile to fit, from a small one of 5.8 inches to one with almost 7 inches of screen. The edges of the Kishi adapt because it has slightly flexible straps that, once the phone is fitted, support the weight and prevent it from moving. Again, everything is pretty well thought out.

The handling of any video game is infinitely superior to what it can do with a touch screen control, but it is still somewhat worse than what a traditional console controller offers. It is logical: the Kishi is less ergonomic because it has to be smaller. And a lot of eye if you play for more than an hour without stopping, that your hands will reproach you throughout the day.

But despite this, it is possibly the best accessory of this type that I have ever tried and the one that most resembles the experience itself of playing on the mobile. It includes all the necessary front buttons, two triggers along with two upper buttons, two analog sticks with their lower buttons that can be pressed and three extra buttons to access menus or secondary screens (as if they were the Home button or take screenshots of the Xbox and PlayStation controls).

The most important thing is that all the games I have tried have been understood the first time and without configuring anything with the Razer Kishi. I did mess up a little bit because button A and B are swapped with respect to the position of an Xbox controller, so sometimes I have found that I had to accept and cancel with the opposite button, but this has It has been something that I have specifically encountered twice.

If you are one of those who bought a mobile phone holder to play with an Xbox or PlayStation controller to the mobile phone, you may not need this, but if you have been wanting to take this leap for a while or get an accessory that allows you to play on your mobile almost as with the command of a console, this is the best that is on the market right now.

And it doesn't seem that expensive either, around 90 euros, a price that many other products in this range far exceed. It is true that it is more expensive than a console controller plus a mobile support, but it offers different advantages for a price not much higher than that combination.

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