An early edition of Super Mario Bros. is the most expensive game ever sold at auction. The game sold for $ 114,000 ($ 100,929) on Friday night on the Heritage Auctions website.

The edition thus improves the previous record of 100,150 dollars (88,667 euros), which also belonged to an early copy of Super Mario Bros. The cartridge is in near perfect condition and dates from the earliest days of Nintendo in the United States, in 1985.

Heritage Auctions refers to the auction page on the cardboard loop attached to the packaging. "Early trials for the US market include these loops," the auction site writes. "Nintendo was constantly working on the packaging of the games."

A total of four versions of the cardboard loop packaging and plastic wrapping were made, each of which was only in production for a few months, according to the site. Super Mario Bros. is the first full Mario game and the best-selling game ever on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The most expensive game console ever auctioned is the Nintendo PlayStation. This was sold for 360,000 dollars (318,000 euros) this year, also through Heritage Auctions.