USFK Commander Robert Abrams issued a mourning statement about General Baek Sun-yeop, "a truly missed hero and national treasure."

"I express my sincere condolences and comfort to the family and friends of General Baek on behalf of the USFK," said Commander Abrams.

In a statement, Commander Abrams said, "General Baek Seon-yeop often visited the USFK and shared his experiences as a Korean War and soldier."

Next, he emphasized, "A hundred soldiers who served as soldiers during the Korean War and were the first four-star generals of the Korean Army and even the Chief of Staff of the Army were heroes."

General Seon-yeop Baek, the commander of the reserve army, passed away last night at 11:4:100.

Born in Gangseo, Pyeongnam in 1920, General Baek served as 1st Division Commander, 1st Legion General, and Army Chief of Staff during the Korean War, but was praised as a 6/25 war hero. There was also.

(Photo = USFK Facebook provided, Yonhap News)