Make your photos more artistic at the touch of a button with Quickart or start making video calls in Tinder. That and more in the Apps of the week .


Quickart is exactly what the name suggests: an app that allows you to quickly turn an average photo into a work of art. This goes a lot further than decorating your face with rabbit ears or some other color. So you can shred your face into tiny flakes at the touch of a button or split yourself into colorful copies.

The app is very simple. After opening the app, choose a filter, a photo from your library and Quickart will do the rest. Depending on the filter, you can make some adjustments afterwards until you save the result or immediately share it with others.

Quickart is free to download and use. If you want access to all filters, a subscription is available for € 6.49 per month. The makers of the app say that they rotate the filters regularly, so that there is also plenty to choose for free users.

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Dating app Tinder now also lets you make video calls with Face to Face. Because the function is fully incorporated in the app itself, you do not have to exchange phone numbers. To prevent abuse, there are strict rules that everyone must adhere to.

For example, both participants must first activate the function. If you both agree, the screen of your smartphone is split in two. So you always see yourself as big in the picture as the person with whom you have a match. After a conversation you will be asked if you want to call this person more often or you can report him / her immediately for inappropriate behavior. The feature may not be available to you yet. Tinder says to test video calling first among a select group of users and then roll it out to everyone.

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Spotify caters for avid athletes with a handy new feature. The music service now lets you create a workout playlist in just a few steps that is right for you. To do this, go to a special Spotify website, log in with your account and answer the questions.

You can set how long your workout lasts, what kind of exercises you do (cardio, running, cycling, etc.) and whether you exercise with someone. After that, the playlist will automatically transfer to your Spotify app and you can start listening.

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