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The Tuna Scope app was launched in Japan. It is the brainchild of a Japanese advertising company, Dentsu Inc, and is intended to help restaurateurs select the best tuna. The application uses machine learning algorithms to assess the quality of a fish. The developers provided him with thousands of images of cross sections of tuna tails in order to train him to determine the terror in fat of the fish, as well as to evaluate the quality of the latter based on the color of his flesh.

AI at expert level

According to Dentsu Inc, the 4,000 images provided to the AI ​​are equivalent to the number of fish that an expert fishmonger has examined during a 10-year career.

An app to assess the quality of a fish - Geeko

Based on a photo of a fish, Tuna Scope classifies the tuna on a 5-point scale according to the visual characteristics of the food, including the luster of the flesh and the superposition of the fats. Elements that speak volumes about the fish and its quality.

The developers have tested their app by comparing its ratings to those of fish experts. Tuna Scope gave the same rating as the fishmongers in 78% to 85% of the cases. Despite these good results, sushi masters and Japanese fishmongers remain cautious about the ability of the app to replace a fish expert, reports The Verge. There are qualities that are not visible to the eye.

Good tuna

Currently, the app is used by a chain of inexpensive sushi restaurants, Kura Sushi. Using this type of tool automates the selection of fish. If the app may have an interest in this type of establishment, it is difficult to imagine that the great sushi masters could one day use it.

On its site, Dentsu Inc explains that the application aims to compensate for the decrease in the number of tuna masters. "As the number of practitioners in this profession decreases, these trade secrets may disappear, so we decided to pass the torch to AI", explains Dentsu Inc. For now, the application is only available at Japan, but its developers wish to export it internationally. As to whether Mr. and Mrs. Everyone can download it, hard to say.


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