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In the eyes of his 2.4 million Instagram followers, Ray 'Hushpuppi' Abbas was a successful man despite his humble origins in Nigeria: he had a fleet of Rolls Royce, a private jet, luxury clothing ... Truly He was a white-gloved thief who operated simply using fake email accounts.

The US government has arrested Abbas for participating in a massive fraud and money laundering operation, which he obtained by defrauding banks, law firms, and other businesses. The FBI has been able to locate and arrest him in the United Arab Emirates, where he had his habitual residence.

His method of accumulating wealth was rudimentary, but not for that less effective. He was engaged in compromising executive email accounts using emails that seemed authentic. Thus, he attacked a bank of a specific firm writing with an email from the firm itself that had been fraudulently prepared.

However, it was his own personal email address, specifically, rayhushpuppi@gmail.com, that allowed him to link some of the crimes with his Instagram accounts, Snapchat and more online platforms.

One of the scams that the FBI has released involves a transfer of more than $ 900,000 (794,000 euros) on behalf of a New York investor who was purchasing a piece of land. Abbas managed to trick him using an email address that seemed authentic and from which he sent the steps to make the transfer to a different bank account. By the time the swindled bank officials wanted to cancel the operation, neither the account was still active nor was it possible to cancel the movement.

Another incident involves the robbery of at least € 13 million from a bank through a computer attack and the subsequent theft of money through transfers to other countries.

Although Abbas has not been arrested for carrying out these movements, the FBI hopes to be able to obtain sufficient information and documentation related to the crimes through the Nigerian.

Mail scams by this Nigerian are reminiscent of the Internet's most primitive scam attempts, the Nigerian scam, in which the recipient of emails was offered large inheritances from a non-existent Nigerian principality. It is one of the first documented online scams but, curiously, not 6% of the emails of this type of deception came from Nigeria.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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