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night before Mayor Park left the mission, the police confirmed that a complaint was filed against Mayor Park. The accused former secretary was alleged to have been molested at the time, but the police are likely to end the case with'no charge' due to the death of Mayor Park.

Reporter Sangmin Kim.

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was yesterday (8th) that a complaint was filed against Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

A, who worked as Mayor Park's secretary, went to the police with an attorney, and the complaint investigation was conducted right up until dawn yesterday.

Mr. A is said to have stated that sexual harassment has continued since he started his job as a secretary.

In addition, it is known that Mr. A said that he also sent personal photos via mobile phone messenger.

The conversation between Mayor Park and Mr. A was mainly telegram, and Mr. A was known to have submitted this as evidence.

After the investigation by Mr. A, the police reportedly summoned more referees and reportedly were considering a summons investigation against Mayor Park.

It is not yet known whether Mayor Park knew the accused before making the extreme choice.

It is not yet known whether the case involved the mayor of Park's extreme choice.

The death of Mayor Park is expected to end the case without further investigation without further investigation.