In the midst of this, on the 8th of last night, the entrance to the secretary of Chu Miae, which was not officially released, was leaked to the outside. Open Democratic Party leader Kang Wook Choi posted this entry on his Facebook page and deleted it. Both Justice and Choi Kang-wook made the explanation, but the controversy is growing.

Reporter Jong-Jin Won.


At about 10 o'clock last night, the representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, Kang Wook Choi, posted a headline on Facebook saying that it was a notification from the Ministry of Justice.

It was the entrance door of Secretary-General Chu Mi-ae to pressure President Seok-Yeol Yoon, saying that those who are in command are obliged to follow and that it is not the duty of officials to come up with other alternatives.

However, this entry was a draft of the Ministerial Entrance, which was only reviewed by the Ministry of Justice, which was not distributed anywhere.

Shortly after Choi's Facebook post was posted, the Ministry of Justice declared that it was not the official message of the Ministry of Justice, and Choi deleted the message saying that he was posting a wrong message.

CEO Choi Min-hee explained that he had published this article because he thought it was true, as well as Choi Min-hee and the Social Democratic Party SNS.

The Ministry of Justice also explained that it was a draft draft of Minister Chu's entry that was posted by Choi, etc., and the actual statement was distributed, but the secretary advised that the draft was also distributed and sent it to outsiders.

As the controversy grew after a series of explanations, Choi insisted that prosecutors, pro-prosecutors, and opposition parties play media again on Facebook.

However, the controversy is likely to continue despite the fact that the Ministry of Justice and Choi had drawn up prior suspicion of suspicion as the draft of the secretary's message, which had not been released to the press, was revealed as an informal leak.

(Video Editing: Won-hee Won)