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was confirmed that a complaint was filed with the police last night (8th) before the news of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon disappeared. Sue was known as Mayor Park Won-soon's secretary. It was said that Mayor Park Won-soon continued sexual harassment.

Detailed news, reporter Min Kyung-ho will deliver.

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was last night that a complaint was filed with Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency against Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon.

Mr. A, who worked as Mayor Park's secretary since 2017, visited the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency with a lawyer, and the complaint investigation was conducted right up until today.

Mr. A is said to have stated that sexual harassment has continued since 2017 when he started working as a secretary.

It is also known that Mr. A stated that he has sent personal photos several times via mobile phone messenger in addition to physical contact.

Mayor Park's conversation with Mr. A was mainly telegram, and Mr. A was known to have presented the contents of the messenger conversation with Park.

Mr. A also added that there are more victims besides himself.

It was because the mayor of Park feared that no one could report, that he had courage.

The police reportedly summoned more reference personnel after Mr. A's investigation and found that it was inevitable to investigate the summons against Mayor Park.

However, it was not clear whether Mayor Park noticed his accusation or whether there was a link between the accused and the missing person.

He also said that the complaint has only been made and that Seoul has not confirmed the accused.

(Video Editing: Jinhoon Park)