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During the WWDC launch keynote, Apple announced that the operating system for its connected watches would soon appear in the beta-testing program. It is now a reality, a first since the launch of the OS in 2015. Until now, only developers could immerse themselves in the beta versions of watchOS.

Members of the Apple beta software program will be able to install the beta versions of watchOS on their Apple Watch and test the new features before anyone else.

Registration for the program is still possible

If watchOS appears on the program, the new version is not yet available for download at the moment. Apple has not yet delivered public versions of its new OSes. In anticipation, you can still sign up for Apple's beta software program and get your hands on an old Apple Watch that will be dedicated to testing watchOS beta.

These beta versions of the operating systems are not stable, installing them on your everyday device is not a good idea. This could cause bugs on the iPhone, iPad, Mac or even the Apple Watch. It is advisable to use an old device that will be dedicated to testing operating systems in development. Note also that members of the beta-testing program are invited by Apple to provide comments on their experience and to indicate any bugs via a form.

The first beta version of watchOS 7 (find all the news here) should be released very soon by Apple. The Californian firm had announced July as the month for launching the public beta.


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