TikTok will no longer offer its video app in Hong Kong now that the region has passed a new security law that will give the Chinese government more power, a TikTok spokesperson told Axios on Tuesday .

The company says it will stop using the app in Hong Kong "within days". TikTok is extremely popular worldwide. Users record short, often funny videos and share them with others. In the movies there is a lot of dancing and playing back.

Major tech companies fear that the new security law will lead to China's social media restrictions also being implemented in Hong Kong. In addition, there is concern about sharing user data with the Chinese government.

It has previously become clear that Google, Facebook and Twitter have stopped sharing user data with Hong Kong authorities. The companies will only do this again if there is international agreement on the political changes in the city.

Hong Kong is not important to TikTok

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese internet company. TikTok says it never shares data with the Chinese authorities. In addition, ByteDance publishes a separate variant of TikTok in China, called Douyin.

Reuters writes that Hong Kong is not an important area for TikTok. For example, the company would generate virtually no turnover. 150,000 of the seven million inhabitants use the app.