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For several weeks, the Cupertino company has been the target of numerous criticisms concerning its policy applied on the App Store. In question, the commission that the American company receives on all transactions made through its application store. Several voices were raised against this practice, stressing that this commission was a form of unfair competition since Apple's services do not suffer from it.

The manager of the App Store in Europe, Daniel Matray, spoke at a conference of the Forum Europe in an attempt to justify Apple's policy on its app store. According to him, a minority of developers would actually pay this famous commission. The man said that 85% of the applications available on the App Store were exempt from the commission since they were free or applied in-app purchases through means of payment other than that of Apple.

The European manager of the App Store also stressed that the commission taken on the remaining 15% allowed Apple to amortize the investments that the company made on its platform. "Our efforts to help developers succeed are broad, deep and continuous, and they span applications, music, email - and a variety of other categories - which compete with certain aspects of our activity, "he said.

The EU unconvinced

Apple had already justified its commission by stressing that the App Store offered significant visibility to applications, all in a favorable, secure and practical environment for consumers.

Words that will not prevent the European Commission from continuing its investigation into Apple's practices. The EU is not the only one to be interested in Apple, the American Antitrust Commission also seems to have the Californian firm in its sights for the same reasons.


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