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Harper Collins has made an announcement on Twitter that should delight fans of the JRR Tolkien universe: a new version of The Hobbit will be available in audio format. Like what the actors of Harry Potter recently did with the first volume of the saga, the book The Hobbit will be read by one of the actors of the saga: Andy Serkis.

The latter lent his voice and features to the character of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogy .

A nice surprise for the fans of the saga

No doubt fans of the Tolkien universe should be delighted by this news. The excerpt shared by Harper Collins on Twitter gives an overview of the actor 's involvement in the project. Andy Serkis brings to life the story of JRR Tolkien for more than seven hours.

He had already taken part in the exercise a few weeks ago, as part of a live charity event. He had even taken his transformed voice to read the passages of Gollum to amuse the assembly.

The audio book is scheduled for next September in digital and physical format. Unfortunately, it will only be available in English.


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