Three Optimus Asset Management executives who announced the suspension of the 100 billion won fund repurchase were arrested last night (7th). Prosecutors are considering expanding the investigation team in this case, with allegations of lobbying for political relations.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo.


Prosecutors who are investigating the suspension of the repurchase of funds from Optimus Asset Management have arrested CEO Kim Jae-hyun of Optimus and two executive directors.

Chang Chang-Hoon, Deputy Chief Justice of the warrant, issued a warrant saying, "We have the vocational data on the facts and the matter is serious."

Earlier, the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office of the First Inspection Division on May 5 filed for arrest warrants against Mr. Jae-Hyun Kim, the second largest shareholder of Optimus, and Mr. Yoon Mo, director, for alleged fraud and fraud.

Optimus recently announced the suspension of the 100 billion won fund repurchase on three occasions, and the prosecution said that Kim, etc., invested in billions of won in investments in public institution receivables, and then turned it over to insolvent companies such as real estate developers and lenders. It was a forced investigation into the circumstances of the investment.

At the end of last month, prosecutors seized and searched over 10 locations including the Optimus Asset Management headquarters, and subsequently summoned major suspects.

It is reported that Yoon, who was arrested, is a lawyer, and his spouse, Lee Mo, recently resigned while working as an executive in the civil affairs office at the Blue House.

The prosecution plans to thoroughly investigate the suspicion, as the Optimus case is a large-scale financial crime that led to the damage of the masses.

In addition, suspicion of lobbying for political relations among former and current executives who are entangled with the regime's regime is being raised, and the prosecution is reportedly considering a plan to expand the investigation team dedicated to the Optimus case.