Son Jung-woo (24), operator of the world's largest child sexual exploitation site'Welcome to Video', was released today (6th) by a court's decision to refrain from returning to the United States.

However, he is likely to be punished for further investigation in Korea.

The 20th Detective of Seoul High Court (Deputy Judge Kang Yeong-soo and Moon Jae-kyeong, Jae-chan Lee) held a third interrogation to judge Mr. Son's repatriation to the United States this morning and made a decision to reject the extradition.

Under the extradition law, the prosecution must release the arrested criminal without delay and report it to the Attorney General if the court decides to refuse the extradition.

As a result, the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office released the son, who was imprisoned in a Seoul detention center, at 12:50 during the day.

Son was released in a year and two months after being arrested in court in May last year for alleged distribution of child sexual exploitation.

Minister of Justice Chu Mi-ae said in a response to the petition by the Blue House in May, "If a court decision is imposed, we will respect the purpose of the decision and take necessary measures in accordance with relevant treaties and laws."

Accordingly, the Justice Department is expected to explain to the United States the purpose of the decision to deny delivery and future procedures, and seek understanding.

In addition, investigation into the case sued by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office is expected to begin in earnest.

The Ministry of Justice said, "We will respect the court's decision." We will follow up with official notifications of the final decision to the United States, the Indian Requesting Party, in accordance with the Crime Extradition Act and the US-ROK Extradition Treaty."

The U.S. Department of Justice has been requesting Mr. Son's repatriation since April of last year, and the Department of Justice has been reviewing it.

The U.S. federal grand jury indicted Mr. Son for six crimes and nine charges, including the distribution of child pornography in August 2018.

On April 16, Choo ordered the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office to request extradition for Son, and the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office also filed for a repatriation order on the 17th, one day later.

The Department of Justice has carried out criminal extradition proceedings for the'international money laundering' section, which does not overlap with the convictions and convictions of domestic courts, in accordance with the extradition treaty and the extradition crimes that the United States has requested for extradition.

Accordingly, the Justice Department and the prosecution issued a warrant for Mr. Son's repatriation to the United States on the 20th of the same month, and issued a warrant on the afternoon of April 27, the date of release, and Son was recontained and questioned three times by India.

Father Son Mo (54) sued his son for prosecution when he investigated the former son for allegedly producing and distributing pornography to prevent the son from returning to the United States. .

The allegations of the crime-revenue concealment law applied when the father sued were the same as the three charges related to money laundering among the nine charges that the United States federal grand jury indicted Mr. Son in August 2018.

The case was assigned to the Seoul Central District Attorney's Detective Division 4 (New Type Manager).

The prosecution has not started the investigation because the court is conducting an extradition process.

The statute of limitations related to concealment of criminal proceeds is until 2023, and further charges are possible if the charges are admitted.

The prosecution said that the investigation did not investigate the alleged money laundering because the investigation was focused on the return of criminal proceeds and the confiscation and collection.

Mr. Son said the past prosecutors would be punished in South Korea for investigating and prosecuting the charges against the alleged crimes, because the prosecutors have already investigated the allegations of stealing crimes and omitted the charges.

Son runs a'Welcome to Video' site on the Dark Web, which can only be accessed using a special browser from July 2015 to March 2018, and is charged with arrest in March 2018 for allegedly distributing sexual exploits. That's it.

The first sentence sentenced Mr. Son to three years of probation and released two years in prison, but the second sentence was confined while sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

The sentence was finalized in May of last year because it was not appealed to the Supreme Court.

The case of Son received attention again this year, due to the incident of Jo Joo-bin (24), a'Park Bang' because of the similarity of the crime method.

Along with the criticism that the court ruled in the past, the Blue House National Petition for Son's forced repatriation has surpassed 200,000.

(Photo = Yonhap News)