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is also a voice criticizing the court decision when Son Jung-woo was released today (6th) without being sent to the United States, which could be subject to stronger punishment. Prosecutors will continue to investigate further charges of other crimes, but there are not many tasks to solve to prevent this from happening again.

Reporter Won Jong-jin continues.


Shortly after the decision to reject the crime of handing over Son Jeong-woo, the Blue House National Petition came up to disqualify Judge Kang Young-soo, vice judge of the Supreme Court.

Over half a day, more than 160,000 people agreed.

This anger stems from the fact that you can't ask Son for the right price.

Son, who has been sentenced to 1 year and 6 months, is no longer punishable for child sexual exploitation.

It is quite different from the United States, which has requested extradition.

[Lindsey Suttonberg/Jung-Soon Son investigation Washington Federal Attorney: The advertisement for child pornography (by Mr. Son) is 15 years minimum in the United States. He also distributed child pornography, which has a minimum mandatory sentence of five years.] The

prosecution investigation process was also a problem.

The prosecution has not even filed a charge against Mr. Son's crime concealment, and many of the'Welcome to Video' members were found to be Koreans, but the investigation into the members has not yet been completed.

In May, a law that enforced penalties for child sexual exploitation was passed, but we will continue to see how the court's sentencing practices are actually improving.

The case of the United States, who followed the Welcome-to-Video members and sentenced them to jail for 22 years, was made possible by the interest of citizens and the constant efforts of law enforcement officials.

That's why interest in the issue should not end after pouring out in the form of anger towards the individual judge.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, Video editing: Seon-tak Kim)  

▶ Son Jung-woo and his father, who remain in Korea, are under investigation for money laundering