Apple has added new options to the iCloud Keychain in the new operating systems iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Among other things, the password manager warns if a user's password may have been leaked.

A new menu with password recommendations has been added in the new updates for iPhones and iPads. Here, the keychain verifies, according to Apple, whether a password has entered a data breach. If so, it is recommended to change the password with a link to the website where you can.

Apple will also warn if the user uses a weak password. The key fob will also indicate why. For example, it says that many people use the same password, making it easy to guess.

The software also warns against using consecutive numbers. "Using common patterns makes passwords easier to guess."

In the current version of iOS 13, an overview of passwords is also present. For example, the menu already indicates whether a password is used for multiple services, but does not provide any tips or report that the password occurs in a data breach.

The new versions of iOS 13 and iOS 14 will be officially released in the fall. The software is currently being tested.

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