It has been 10 days since Choi Sook-hyun passed away after leaving the words to reveal the sins of those who hit and harassed him. The fellow players held a press conference today (6th), saying that they would release the unhappiness and reveal the truth. The Gyeongju City Hall team said that it was the kingdom of coaches and captains, and that not only Choi Sook-hyun, but they also suffered from constant assault and aggression.

This is Jo Yun-ha, the first news reporter.


Two fellow players stood at the press conference to reveal the truth of Sookhyun.

Apologizing for not being able to play with Choi, fearing that the life of the player could end if the damage was revealed, accused the team of violence.

[Senior Choi Sook-hyun's colleague: He was assaulted for more than 10 days a month, and if he did not listen to him, he lived as a player in a rant that was strange every day.] The

players said that the harassment of the captain was particularly severe. He confessed that he was not a person.

[Senior Choi Sook-hyun's colleague: Even though he was not in good shape, he pretended because he didn't train, and assaulted him with various angles, resulting in injury such as bruising... .] The

team doctor, who needs to take care of the players' health, said he not only assaulted the players, but also mentally harassed them.

[Go Sook-hyun's colleague: Sook-hyun, who is receiving psychotherapy, even said that she would lead her to the limit and commit suicide.]

It was said that the Gyeongju City Hall team was the only kingdom for the coach and certain players, and that closed and secretly reciprocal violence and violence were taken for granted.

[Go Sookhyun Choi's colleague: The suppression and violence of the manager and captain was scary, but in a relaxed atmosphere, I thought it was the world and society of

athletes .] The fellow athletes hoped that the perpetrators would be punished properly and that the human rights of the players would be guaranteed. I added.

The police are investigating a statement stating that at least 15 of the 27 incumbent players who have been active since 2013 when Kim Moo was appointed to the Gyeongju City Hall team have been injured.

(Video coverage: Lee Seung-hwan, Ha Ryong, Video editing: Ha Sung-won)  

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