Our coverage team continues to chase after the high Choi Suk-hyun case, but today (5th) starts with the news confirmed by the news alone. It's a phone call from a senior officer of the Triathlon Association, who made a call to Choi's fellow players who knew the situation before and after. It is said that it is courage to evolve this, so to cover it, not to tell any more of the damage. The law is a law, and our problem has been added up to the point that we handle it.

Player Choi Sook-hyun will not only have direct violence and rants, but will also ask if it was more difficult because of these structural problems.

First, I'm Jung Yun-sik.

<Reporter> On the

26th of last month, the funeral of Choi Choi Sook-hyun was held.

The Korean Triathlon Association launched its own investigation.

On the same day, Association official A called Choi’s fellow player B.

[A representative of the Korean Triathlon Association A: If you have experienced violence in the past by seniors or leaders, we would like to hear... On the

same day, I called another fellow player, C, and said this.

[A representative from the Korea Triathlon Association: There are 3 people (punish) less, and that's not the case. There are 5 victims, 6 victims, no big difference. To receive a sentence. Do you know what I'm talking about?]

Interpreted as a conviction that Mr. C, who answered the phone, said that even if there was damage, there was no need to disclose the fact.

The association official A then adds this.

[A representative of the Korean Triathlon Association: Mr. A: It's very courageous to go to court, and it's courageous to evolve. We think this alone is grateful. Law is a matter of law, and our problems are what we will do.]

What does it mean to'evolution also become courage'?

When the SBS reporter asked the Association official A,'Is it courage to say that it is courage to arrange the case?'

But player C, who answered the phone in question, said, "I felt like I was forced to silence."

[Mr. C/Chief Choi Sook-hyun's colleague: They will not be punished. If possible, do not talk to go where downed just to talk like this 'sukhyeon okay to only a pity.']

Association side, while at the funeral of the latest players progress and interview the players not properly be taken all the courses Some pointed out that they didn't.

[Volunteer/Democratic Party Member: Interviewing fellow players with video equipment in a funeral hall that expresses condolences is very inappropriate.] In response to

these findings, Mr. A of the Association released an interview to prevent secondary damage. He insisted not to, but insisted that there was no intention to reduce the incident.

For the video recording of the funeral home, it was explained that if the recording was made, the athletes did not have to repeat the facts repeatedly to repeat the damage.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam)       

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