Belgian bank Argenta temporarily shut down 144 ATMs after hackers tried to break into the machines. This is reported by the Belgian newspaper De Tijd .

The hackers targeted a particular type of machine that would be susceptible to their attack attempt. The bank does not say whether the hacks were successful.

The hackers tried to break into ATMs in two Antwerp municipalities last week. The police have launched an investigation into the attacks.

Digital blast

For example, in a digital thunderbolt, hackers try to install malware on the operating system of an ATM.

Such malware can, for example, cause a machine to release money without anyone having pinned.

For the first time in Belgium

It is the first time that such a hacking attack has been carried out in Belgium, the newspaper reports.

It happened earlier in the Netherlands, when hackers tried to break into vending machines in Breda and Made in 2017, for example. This was thwarted by software security.