Corona 19 is on the rise again.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday's local time yesterday (4 days), the new corona19 confirmed worldwide was 21,326, again breaking the record every day.

In the past 24 hours, 5,213 people in the United States and 4,105 people in Brazil have received Corona 19 positive judgments.

In the continental United States alone, 12,772 confirmed cases, or 61% of the total, occurred.

The United States and Brazil have also been involved in the government's controversy over insolvency.

In particular, US President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Zaire Bousonaru are controversial by ignoring basic safety guidelines to curb proliferation, such as wearing masks and social distances.

Newly confirmed Corona 19 in the order of 27,000 in South Asia, 243 in the Eastern Mediterranean including the Middle East, 19,694 in Europe, 12,619 in Africa, and 2,251 in the Western Pacific. Here it is.

In the state of Florida in the United States, 1,445 people were judged positive for Corona 19 in the past 24 hours, and Corona 19 emerged in the United States earlier this year.

India, which is the fourth largest corona19 confirmer in the world after the United States, Brazil, and Russia, has 2,771 people in one day, which is positive for corona19.

South Africa, the largest economy on the African continent, recorded the highest number of corona19 diagnoses per day as 9,64 people were judged to be corona19 only on this day.

Recently, multinational researchers published their findings in the medical journal Cell, claiming that a variant of the Corona 19 virus, which is more contagious and has a similar fatality rate, is spreading mainly in the United States and Europe.