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triathlon player Koo Choi Sook-hyun continues. Aside from the team's supervisor and self-proclaimed team doctor, one of the players beats the juniors together, and today (4th) there is a new story about the old player. It was covered by the fact that this player intervened in the money problem and exerted the same power as the manager because he allowed the entire team to stay in his house, getting monthly rent, and so on.

This is reporter Kim Sang-min.


A villa in Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk.

This is the accommodation of the 3rd class Gyeongju City Hall team where the late Choi Sook-hyun played until last year.

Male and female athletes are using one room on the 3rd and 4th floors, but the Gyeongju Sports Association is paying a monthly deposit of 5 million won and 650,000 won per month.

The fourth floor was owned by Jang Mo, a medalist from the Gyeongju City Hall team.

There was a testimony that the three-story house, which had different names but sold and registered the same day, belongs to Mr. Zhang's mother.

[Go Sook-hyun's father: (to Mr. Jang's mother) I heard it myself. ○○ I villaed in the future, said one in front of him, and talked in this way.]

Mr. Jang, the representative player in the team, was known to have acted harshly among players including Choi.

Choi claimed that the amount received by Mr. Jang was at least 10 million won for unclear reasons, such as remittance of 2.5 million won to Mr. Jang's personal account in the name of airfare ahead of training in 2016.

Team Dr. Ahn Mo, who is known to be a leading assault on players by posing as an expert without a medical license, is also said to have joined the team due to his relationship with Zhang.

Among them, some of the additional victims will hold a press conference at the day after the National Assembly, and the Korea Triathlon Association will also hold a sports fair committee to determine the disciplinary level of those involved in the incident on the same day.  

(Video coverage: Yongjin Joo, Video editing: Moo Hwan Jo)