As corona19 confirmed patients spread mainly in the metropolitan area, Gwangju, and Daejeon, and increased to overseas inflows, the number of new confirmed patients in Korea reached 60 in the third day.

It is only three months since April that the number of new confirmers has reached 60 for three consecutive days.

According to the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters, the number of new confirmed patients per day was 60 for the third consecutive day following the 3rd (63) and 4th (63) this month.

The number of new confirmers has been relatively stable since it dropped below 100 after April 1 (101), and increased again, starting with the Itaewon Club in Seoul in early May, but the number of new confirmers per day is temporarily 60~70 After it soared to Myeongdae, the next day, I went down to 40-50.

However, the quarantine authorities are tense over the third consecutive 60s.

Looking at the infection path of 61 new confirmed persons, 43 cases occurred in the region, 18 cases inflow from overseas, and 43 cases in the region were divided into 18 cities in Seoul and 4 in Gyeonggi Province.

In the metropolitan area, the number of confirmed patients is steadily increasing, centering on the existing cases of collective infection.

In Seoul, sporadic infections, including additional infections in Shinseong Church in Gwanak-gu, came from all over the place.

In the case of Gwangju, as the group infection started at Gwangguksa spread to officetels, churches, and nursing homes, the cumulative number of confirmed patients increased to at least 61, and there was also a group infection in the Gwangju Ilgok Central Church of about 1,500 Shinto.

Nine out of 18 out of 18 newcomers confirmed the quarantine process.

The overseas inflow confirmed double digits for 10 consecutive days since the 26th of last month.

(Photo = Yonhap News)