New corona19 confirmed in Korea recorded 60 people for three consecutive days. The proliferation trend continued mainly in the metropolitan area, Gwangju, and Daejeon, and it was the first time in three months for 60 consecutive records.

Reporter Kim Ki-tae.


Corona 19 cumulative confirmed yesterday (4 days) 61 people increased to 13,91 people.

The death toll did not increase, keeping a cumulative 283.

Of the new confirmed cases, 43 cases of regional infections occurred.

The Seoul metropolitan area occupied 18 people with 14 people in Seoul and 4 people in Gyeonggi Province.

In other areas, eight people in Daejeon, one in Gangwon and Gyeongbuk, each increased.

In Gwangju, the number of confirmed persons increased to 61, as the collective infections that started in Gwanggungsa spread to officetels, churches, and nursing homes.

Collective infections also occurred in the Gwangju Ilgok Central Church, which has a capacity of more than 1,500 people.

In the metropolitan area, 4 patients were added at the Uijeongbu Jangam Jugong Apt., resulting in a cumulative number of 25 patients.

The number of newly confirmed overseas inflows was 18.

Nine of them, nine of them, were confirmed during the immigration and quarantine process, and the other nine were positive after their arrival at home or facilities.

It was the first time in three months since April last three months.

The health authorities have warned of the spread of regional infections and influx of foreign countries, and urged them to comply with quarantine regulations, such as wearing masks at religious facilities and wedding halls on holidays.