In white. This is how RuPaul's Twitter and Instagram profiles , one of the best-known drag queen worldwide, are from this week .

The presenter and producer of the hit reality show RuPaul's Drag Race (also known as RuPaul: Drags Race) has offered no explanation, and his fans have already begun to speculate on what the reason may be.

Some believe that it may be a hack of their accounts and other theories suggest that it could be the prelude to the launch of a new great project.

Other hypotheses bet that the star could have gotten fed up with the world of social networks as it happens repeatedly, especially among people with such media exposure.

Followers of the contest presented by RuPaul have observed that the account of one of the participants of the tenth edition, Kameron Michaels , has also been deactivated on Instagram.

The real reason that RuPaul's photos can no longer be seen, at least for now, remains a mystery today.

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