Several thousand motorcyclists demonstrated against possible driving bans on Sundays and public holidays. In Friedrichshafen, around 5,000 motorcycle fans came together for a parade along Lake Constance. Up to 8,000 motorcyclists met in Stuttgart, which led to considerable traffic disruptions. The planned demonstration had been banned in Munich, but according to the police, 6,000 bikers were out and about in the city. Thousands of motorcyclists also met in Dresden, Düsseldorf, Schwerin and Wiesbaden.

The protest was directed against an initiative by the Federal Council to reduce motorcycle noise, with the aim of limiting the permitted noise emissions to a value that roughly corresponds to the volume of a passing truck or a lawnmower. The Federal Council also wants to allow limited motorbike driving bans on Sundays and public holidays.

Southwest particularly affected by noise

In Baden-Württemberg, more than 100 cities, municipalities and rural districts have come together to form the Motorcycle Noise Initiative. Their list of demands includes changed registration regulations for motorcycles and more severe penalties for manipulation of engines, traffic bans and stronger controls. In the southwest, scenic and winding routes are considered noise hotspots. Local residents complain there about speeders and races.

Understand the anger at the noise, said Jörg Brucker from the group Bikerfor Freedom, who organized the demonstration at Lake Constance. But you shouldn't put the motorcyclists under general suspicion.

Federal government has the final say

However, it depends on the federal government whether the suggestion of the Land Chamber for less motorcycle noise is implemented. On Saturday, the Ministry of Transport referred to statements by Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) that he was critical of the decision of the Federal Council from mid-May and no "further bans and tightening" for motorcycle wool.

In addition, according to the ministry, the road traffic authorities could best assess the situation on site and take appropriate measures for noise protection reasons. For example, you would already have the option of restricting the use of certain roads or road sections or redirecting traffic.