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new confirmed persons per day increased to over 60 for two consecutive days. Group infections continue in the metropolitan area and Gwangju, and especially in the Gwangju area, the number of patients has increased by nearly 50 in the last four days, and I am worried about the lack of hospital beds. There are 91 quarantine beds in Gwangju, 7 in Chonnam National University Hospital, 10 in Chosun University Hospital, and 74 in Bitgoeul Chonnam National University Hospital. All 4 patients who were confirmed as confirmed today (4 days) were transferred to other areas. Things are not that good.

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Gwangju, today, five people, including four confirmed from the Central Church and one from overseas, were added.

The number of confirmed persons in Gwangju increased to 64 for 8 days from last Saturday.

In addition to the infections centered on the Gwangyang officetel and nursing facilities in the Gwangju area, a large religious facility, Ilgok Central Church, has been added as a new source of infection.

[Yiyongseop / Gwangju Metropolitan City. Meanwhile, it is followed by another re-infection in new places occurred, etc. which was geumyang studio apartment, light reuksa, Gwangju love the Church, Agape Silver Center, HANWOOL nursing homes identified as infection]

Corona 19 spread Continuing now be Beds It is a situation to be worried about.

Currently, only two remain among the 17 hospital beds in Gwangju, and only 20 remained despite the use of two patients in one room and securing additional beds.

We are also utilizing medical resources in Jeonnam and Jeonbuk, including moving four people who were judged to be trained at dawn to Gangjin Medical Center.

The authorities watched this weekend as the largest watershed for the expansion of Corona19 and advised to refrain from attending religious activities as well as weddings and funerals.

Gwangju City plans to expand the current phase of social distance, which is the second phase, to the third phase if the spread continues.

(Video coverage: Hyungsoo Kim KBC)