In the triathlon team of the Gyeongju City Hall, additional victims who saw Choi Choi Sook-hyun being subjected to harsh acts, or who suffered from direct assault and aggression, decided to speak out.

The survivors and acquaintances of the late Choi Sook-hyun revealed that through the Congressional Office of the Future Unification Party, "The additional victims will hold a press conference at the National Assembly on the 6th."

One acquaintance said, "There are players who have seen close up being beaten and who have been hit by themselves."

In the recording left by the deceased, the scene of the Gyeongju City Hall coach and team doctor hitting the cheeks in turn with young players such as Choi Sook-hyun standing up.

The deceased's acquaintances said, "I was afraid of the assault of the director and the team doctor, but I would have been more afraid that I would be threatened with the life of the player if this incident was announced."

Investigations that were slow before Choi Sook-hyun passed away are also speeding up recently.

The Gyeongju Sports Association held a personnel committee on the 2nd, and the Korean Triathlon Association will hold a sports fair committee at 4pm on the 6th.

However, the director and two seniors who were designated as perpetrators denied the charges, and the team doctor who showed the most violent appearance in the recording was not revealed.

If the additional damages hold a press conference as scheduled, the perpetrators' reality is expected to turn out more.