Actor Kim Min-kyo's grandmother in her 80s, who was being treated by her dogs, eventually died.

Police said that Mr. A, who was being hospitalized by Kim Min-gyo's companion dog in May, died during the early morning treatment on the 3rd.

Mr. A was being treated while digging herbs in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province on May 4, until he was bitten by two companion dogs of Kim Min-kyo.

The police, who have completed the investigation of the survivors of Mr. A, plan to investigate Mr. A's body and investigate the exact cause of death.

If the autopsy confirmed that Mr. A's autopsy was due to a dog bite accident, it is expected that the owner Kim Min-kyo will be charged with negligence.

The police will soon call on Min Kyo Kim to investigate the accident.

Earlier, on May 4th, Mr. A was bitten by two companion dogs by Kim Min-gyo in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, and the dogs were reportedly attacking Mr. A after crossing the fence after looking at the elk without a collar and a muzzle.

After the accident, Kim Min-kyo went through the official position, saying, "While my wife was thinking of finding a dog quickly, an accident occurred and my wife, who came to know the fact, immediately accompanied my grandmother to the emergency room. I also went to the emergency room to meet family members." Explained.

He also emphasized, "I'm more sorry that the grandmothers' families who have always cared for our couple care about us. We will be responsibly until the treatment of grandmothers is completed."

Kim Min-kyo's companion dog is a large dog called Belgian Sheepdog, also known as a shepherd dog.

(Photo = Yonhap News)