Games for the new generation of consoles are on average $ 10 (about 8.90 euros) more expensive. That concludes Yoshio Osaki, the top man of market analysis agency IDG Consulting, according to .

Osaki thinks recommended retail prices will rise from $ 60 to $ 70. It would be the first time such a thing has happened since 2005 and 2006, when the list price went up from $ 50 to $ 60.

The price increase probably translates directly into European prices. Here games are sold for a suggested retail price of 60 euros, which would then go up to 70 euros.

Game console maker Sony has been asking for 70 euros for some titles in its digital store, while a download game from Microsoft sometimes costs 65 euros.

Higher development costs

The price increase is said to be due to the ever-increasing development costs of games. These have risen by 200 to 300 percent in recent years, while the retail price has remained roughly the same.

In other media sectors, the price did go up. Recently, a movie ticket in the United States would have cost an average of 39 percent more, while Netflix roughly doubled its prices.

Not all games

Osaki does not think that all games will increase in price, but that expensive productions will use this to cover the costs. He cites the NBA 2K basketball series as an example. The latter part has already received a $ 70 price tag.

The new generation of game consoles is planned for this fall. Sony will then sell the PlayStation 5, while Microsoft introduces its Xbox Series X.