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Since its return, the Windows "Start" menu has already had several redesigns. Obviously still dissatisfied with its ergonomics, Microsoft is actively preparing a new overhaul of the "Start" menu, which will be available within a few weeks at most. The new menu is already deployed among members of the Insiders program, who can preview it.

"We have refreshed the" Start "menu with a new design which removes the colored lines behind the logos of the applications and applies a uniform, slightly transparent background to the tiles", explains the giant on his blog.

More clarity

The new interface of the "Start" menu is intended to be clearer for users. Disappeared with Windows 8, the "Start" menu had made a few updates later, and has since undergone several transformations. The latest updates bring it closer to a more sober menu, in the vein of that found on previous versions of the software.

Remember that it remains fully customizable.


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