▲ Photo of Choi Choi Sook-hyun's 2016 ID

"When Sookhyun was 20, she got advice from a teacher and reported it to the police by assault."

The acquaintances of Choi Sook-hyun (22), the triathlon (Triathlon), who made the extreme choice last month, testified of the group's abuses over the years.

"As I was assaulted since high school and reported to the police after I graduated, I know that for some reason I haven't been investigated," said A(22), who interviewed the media on the phone today (3rd).

He went to Gyeongbuk High School together with Choi.

Mr. A said, "When I came out after every exercise, I cried and it was very difficult." I said, "I hit it mainly because I gained weight, but I just hated Sookhyun and seemed to be bothered."

"I can't be, I can't imagine," he said.

"I often said I wanted to die, but I really didn't know it would be like this," he said. "All of my friends were so shocked."

Mr. A sighed, "Sookhyun only fell asleep when she was in high school because of harsh acts, and she had to take depression medications after being bullied even as an adult."

Apologizing to his father's father before being sued in February, the director who said, “I will put it all down and leave,” pleaded “I did not hit” at the personnel affairs of the Gyeongju Sports Association held on the 2nd.

In response, Choi's father replied that "the director also hit his daughter." When another perpetrator hit Sookhyun, the coach complained that Sookhyun beat her face with slippers and unconditionally wronged him."

He said, "When I went to a game in Japan in 2017, I was hungry, so I couldn't finish it, so I heard that I had to buy a bottle of beverage at the supermarket. I heard a story about being hit by the director in front of locals."

Choi Joo-mi, 21, a year-old player of the player, said in a social network (SNS) account, "Director, it's the worst. Now the director erased all the katoks he played with the players and said that Sookhyun was mentally weird. He said, "I am trying to write a petition in that way."

In a media call, he said, "I was told that my sister's death was too arduous and painful."

He added, "I hope Sukhyun will remember how her sister was deceased so that this kind of cruelty won't happen to the sports world again."

(Photo = Choi Sook-hyun's acquaintance, Yonhap News)